Space Mouse Issue One – Digest Sized Comic Book Reprint


As established by Captain Video, Tom Corbett Space Cadet, and Space Patrol, sci-fi stuff was super popular in the 50s. Also popular in the comic book world at the time was the “funny animal” comic, featuring the kinds of characters that you’d expect in loony tunes or Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Space Mouse combines these two ideas, featuring a funny talking mouse taking a space adventure.

This is a digest sized reprint of the first issue.


It has a few problems that I want to address: the color is a little softer than our normal reprints, and there is damage to the bottom right corner of several of the pages in our original.

Both of these problems come from the very cheap paper on which the original was printed, which is basically just cheap newsprint. I considered increasing the contrast and digitally retouching the tattered corner, but it ended up looking better with the soft, washed out newsprint colors, and looked a little too artificial with the color retouched.

I may do a more heavily digitally retouched version of this issue in the future, but my initial experiments lost some of the subtlety and charm from the original artwork, so I’ve erred on the side of the original.

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