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[New] – Earth’s First Comicbook Heroes – The Black Hood


From MJL/Archie Comics, I present to you The Black Hood! This Golden Age Comic Book Character made his debut in Top-Notch Comics #9, and eventually stared in his own Radio series.

This is the first character we’re lauching from our Earth’s First Comicbook Heroes like of 8″, “Mego” style dolls. He’s assembled by hand, and comes with a clamshell cardback, that can be opened and closed without damaging the artwork.


The Black Hood is former police officer Kip Burland. Framed by The Skull and ejected, disgraced, from the police force, Kip Burland was left for dead in the middle of the deep woods. He was taken in by a hermit, a self taught master of the natural sciences, who eventually molded Kip in to the marvelous masked Crime Fighter known as The Black Hood.