Top Notch Comics #9 – The origin of The Black Hood – Digest Sized Comic Book Reprint


This is an 8.5 x 5.5 inch, digest sized reprint of Top Notch Comics #9, featuring the origin of The Black Hood. It’s 64 pages long, in a single volume.


Features the following stories:

  • The Origin of the Black Hood – The Black Hood
  • The Earning of the Magic Sword – Galahad
  • Dr. Dread’s Return from the Dead  – Firefly
  • The Invasion of Luxaria – Fran Frazer
  • The Bail Bond Racketeers – Wizard
  • The Nazis’ Hidden Guns – Wings Johnson
  • Ah Ku and the Council of Seven – Bob Phantom
  • The Army-Colby Game
  • The Master Brahmins – Kardak

Art from: Al Camy, Lin Streeter, Bob Wood, Irv Novick, Ed Ashe, Ed Smalle, and Bernie Klein.