Basil Wolverton’s Space Patrol – Digest Sized Comic Book Reprint


In the 1940s, Basil Wolverton did a series of comics called Spacehawk. I love Spacehawk. We even make a Spacehawk toy. This is not Spacehawk. It’s Space Patrol! (No, not the 1950s TV show! Although we have that comic, and toy too.)

Before Wolverton did Spacehawk, he did a feature in Amazing Mystery Funnies called Space Patrol. It features a character more or less identical to Spacehawk, in adventures more or less identical to Spacehawk’s.

This is every appearance of Space Patrol that I was able to identify up through extensive research, in a digest sized 5.5×8.5 presentation.  It is 45 story pages, reprinted from high quality scans with light digital retouching, in full, vibrant color.

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