Hello everyone! We're currently unpacking from Toylanta 2024 and recounting our inventory. So to make sure we still have everything we have listed, we're going to be closing the online storefront for a few weeks and getting our ducks in a row. We'll be back soon, and we've got some exciting new things coming, so keep checking back in!

[prototype] – Earth’s First Comicbook Heroes – Stardust The Super Wizard


This is our first attempt at a Stardust action figure. I think it came out pretty well. I’m working on developing this in to a full run, but for now he’s one of a kind. The full run version of this character may have a different head, or an adjusted costume or accessories.

Stardust the super wizard is a creation of Fletcher Hanks, one of the weirdest creators in the history of the artform. This toy comes on a Mego style body, on a cardback, in a resealable clamshell. The clothes are hand made, and the head may look familiar to some of you.