Marx – Mike Hazard – Incomplete


Mike Hazard from Marx Toys. Circa 1967.

Has slight discoloration on trench coat, as seen in last photo. Does not include a box. Paint is in good condition with very little wear. Joints are tight. Overall, a really excellent figure at a great price.

Originally shipped with around 70 individual accessories. Most are not included with this figure.

Included accessories, exactly as photographed:

  1. Glasses and beard,
  2. Vest,
  3. Tie,
  4. Pistol,
  5. Holster,
  6. Flat cap,
  7. Bowler hat,
  8. Radio hat,
  9. Hand held radio/gun,
  10. Exploding luggage,
  11. Grenade,
  12. Grenade,
  13. Rubber belt with keys,
  14. Trench coat (with light staining)
  15. TV wrist watch,
  16. Handcuffs,
  17. Cane,
  18. Eyepatch,
  19. Scanning glasses,
  20. Gun attachment for radio,
  21. Listening cone,
  22. and a handful of other miscellaneous items/parts of items.


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